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Why Study In Georgia

  1. IVarsity is the place for students who wish to Study MBBS in Georgia.

  2. Keeping aside the already existent international student body in the country, more and more students keep flying in every year in pursuit of top-quality education in Georgia.

  3. Most medical universities in Georgia stay compliant with the country’s educational policy and they also aim to offer programs that meet the highest European standards of education. Furthermore, Georgia is pretty welcoming towards all the students who wish to Study Medicine in Georgia.

  4. The universities organize a program every year before students start their program to welcome them and help them make new friends and get used to their surroundings.

University at a glance

Study at University of Georgia (Tbilisi)

  • It is one of the largest privately-held institutions in the country and boasts around 6000 locals as well as international student bodies.
  • The university offers programs in three levels of higher education – Bachelor, Master, and Ph.D.

The University is accredited by organizations are shown below

  • World Health Organization (WHO).
  • Medical Council of India.
  • Study at Ilia State University (ISU)
  • 300 Professors & 1000 lecturers
  • 15,978 Students
  • Around 30 Research Institutes & Centres
  • 301 Researchers, 90 Ongoing Research Projects


  • 300 Professors & 1000 lecturers, 15,978 Students
  • Around 30 Research Institutes & Centres
  • 301 Researchers, 90 Ongoing Research Projects.

Medical Pathways


  • Every doctor in the country is required to possess a license issued by the National Medical Commission (NMC).


  • An individual should clear the MCC exam in Canada. An individual should hold a valid residence card to sit for the MCC exam. A residence card can be obtained for any individual who does their Master's Degree in Canada for 2/3 years.

Australia/New Zealand

  • The same goes for Australia but the chances of getting into the medical system without prior registration are close to impossible. Unless and until the individual gets an Australian PR or so.
  • New Zealand on the other hand can be much easier compared to Australia. USMLE STEP 1 and 2 passing is equivalent to clearing the first two steps of the New Zealand Medical Council exam.
  • Individuals who have completed USMLE STEP 1 and 2 have to face the third oral clinical-based exam in New Zealand to obtain the license.


  • USMLE (US Medical Licensing Exam) Consists of 3 STEPS.
  • Step 1 can be taken after 3rd-year completion.
  • Step 2 can be taken after 5th-year completion. And upon graduating the individual can apply for a residency match in the USMLE Residency Program.
  • Preparation time 6-8 months minimum. One of the hardest exams in the world in terms of licensing. STEP 1 and 2 are valid in more than 2/3 of the countries in the world. AMC (Australian exam) is only valid in Australia and not in any other countries including New Zealand.
  • Individuals who pass USMLE STEP 1 and 2 can apply for jobs in GCC Countries. Education Material can be purchased on amazon.
  • Videos and e-books are available for free in the East Europe Education Consultants Students E-library and will be shared with students who enroll via iVarsity
  • Hard copies are not available. There are additional classes for USMLE preparation conducted privately by tutors. Starting from 50-80 per month.


  • Private classes for the new UKMLA will be conducted here in Georgia from 2023. There is going to be a completely new format for the UK. PLAB will become obsolete in 2024.
  • Therefore, the new system is going to be much harder and easier in terms of entering the Medical System
  • In the past, any nationality with IELTS and PLAB with their local medical registration was given a full GMC (General Medical Council) registration, but from 2024 the local registration won't be mandatory. Ivarsitys offers a fantastic range of Study in UK. Achieve independence and live your dreams... with your family in Europe now.
  • The new system will assess every candidate individually.


  • European Licensing System is the same in most EU countries with minor changes. But applying for an exam wouldn't be a problem if the individual has a language certificate. We provide you Study Dentistry in Georgia with the highest quality learning that opens up limitless possibilities whether you are a new college student or a mid-career professional.

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